I would like to take this time and
thank you from the bottom of my
heart. You did an amazing job on
my tooth, amazing isn't the word on
how good you did. To the secretaries
you have been a great help to me
and I appreciate all you have done
for me.
Over all I think you guys do an
amazing job on what you do.
Thank you once again
- Love Tzvia Weig

No bonding has popped
nor cap...a flop
I cannot believe my visits
stopped. I've told all my friends from
near to far Dr. Svirsky and crew
are the best of all
- Beth Lynn Klein

Dear Dr. Svirsky
Thank-you. This is the first
summer that I have been able to
smile without having to close my
mouth immediately. It has given
me confidence and restored my
self-esteem. Thank-you again for
creating my beautiful smile
Most sincerely,
- Jane O'Donnel

Dear Doctor Svirsky,
I would like with all my heart to
thank you for my amazing new
teeth! They are everything I could
want, both beautiful and utilitarian
and, above all, comfortable!
I very much appreciate your always cheerful, caring, and human manner.
It infuses your office and spreads
to your always pleasant assistants.
I truly value your masterful work and I respect you so much, not only as a consumate professional, but as a great person. Thank you very much!
Sincerly ,
- Irina McKenzie

@ Copyright 2008 Toronto